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Gastronomy pans
made in Germany

For professionals
who not only cook,
but create pleasure: Our gastronomy cookware made of aluminum-casting. Robustly manufactured, it withstands even the toughest everyday use in large kitchens. With extended handles for easier handling. And of course with the best cooking and frying properties for impeccable results.

The right pan for every
professional kitchen

Professional cookware
for professional kitchens

In a professional kitchen, the right cookware is indispensable for the success of the entire business.That’s why our aluminum-cast gastronomy pans have the best features for large and small kitchens:

Easy handling

The long handle of the pans provides a secure grip. Swivelling, stirring and turning can be done with just a few practised movements.

Time-saving heating

The aluminum-cast pans are ready for use after only a short time. The material distributes the heat from the cooktop directly to the entire pan. This ensures optimal frying results after only a short heating time.

Quick cleaning

As soon as the dish is on the plate, you can move on. Directly from the cooktop into the sink, it is ready for use again after only a short time. After all, the thick base of the pan remains stable despite the difference in temperature. Thanks to the TARON® non-stick coating, the pan is cleaned quickly and is ready for the next dish.

PFOA-free coating

The coating for healthy living: Our TARON® non-stick coating enables low-fat cooking and frying with all our products. Of course, it is also PFOA-free.

The Herzog Pan –
at home in the world.

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