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High-quality grill pans
made in Germany

BBQ lovers know:
Nothing can replace
a real charcoal grill. But what if the weather just doesn’t cooperate? With our aluminum-cast grill pans, you can create delicious barbecue flavours on your plate even in pouring rain.

The right grill pan
for every use

in all weathers

Finally: delicious grilled meat in any weather. For all barbecue fans, it’s worth buying a grill pan. It allows you to grill steaks, sausages and vegetables just as you would on the grill in your own kitchen.

For occasional grillers

Grill pans with a smooth bottom are particularly suitable for those who grill only occasionally. On the smooth bottom of the grill pans, sausages and co. turn out just as well as other everyday dishes. This makes the grill pan a real enrichment in the kitchen – even if there is no indoor barbecue party in the planning.

For real barbecue fans

Real barbecue fans do not need an all-rounder. They need a special pan for perfect steaks, just like from the grill. Our grill pans with BBQ bottoms are ideal for this. The BBQ pattern on the base means that meat and vegetables do not lie on the entire frying surface. Fat and meat juices simply drip off – the grilled food is crispy and well cooked at the same time. You also eat with your eyes: The BBQ base creates the typical BBQ pattern on the surface. When placed on a plate, you can hardly tell the difference from a charcoal grill. Enjoy your meal!

For professional grillers

Steaks, sausages and vegetables are not enough? Then the matching lid for the grill pan is the perfect addition. It allows you to grill thick food and even grill roasts medium rare, medium or well done. Simply sear and then let it cook with the lid closed.

PFOA-free coating

The coating for healthy living: Our TARON® non-stick coating enables low-fat cooking and frying with all our products. Of course, it is also PFOA-free.

The Herzog Pan –
at home in the world.

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