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Practical accessories

It is essential
for many dishes:
the right accessories. From the pot lid to the roaster lid, the accessories are optimally matched to our aluminum-cast cookware. So every dish is a success when cooking, roasting and braising.

The right accessories
for every use

Perfect dishes
thanks to the right accessories

They are not needed for every dish and yet they are essential: lids for pots and pans. Depending on the dish, they cover the cookware completely, are tipped on or not needed at all. However, the most important thing for any use is that the lid fits perfectly. Our glass lids fit securely on our cookware and at the same time offer a view of the inside. This allows the cook to see at a glance whether the food is cooking perfectly.

Lids for pans

When frying, the use of a lid often adds the finishing touch to the food. Sharp frying without a lid creates delicious roasted aromas. If the lid is then put on, the food continues to cook to the desired doneness without losing aromas or juiciness. Frying with a lid is therefore particularly suitable for juicy meat and tasty pan-fried dishes.

Lids for pots

A suitable lid is essential when cooking side dishes, soups and co. It keeps steaming water and heat in the pot. This saves a lot of time and energy when cooking and ensures healthy and aromatic food. For experienced cooks, the lid is also a useful aid when pouring off food cooked in water.

Lids for roasting dishes

Even for the preparation of juicy oven food, cooking without a lid is unimaginable. It ensures the correct circulation of heat inside the roaster. Evaporating water drips from the lid back onto the food. In this way, braised meat and co. achieve exactly the right cooking level and consistency.

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