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Versatile roasting dishes
made in Germany

No one can resist:
When delicious casseroles,
roasts and desserts are cooking in our roasters, everyone risks a look through the oven window. While the family is looking forward to the meal, the cook is especially happy about the easy cleaning. Thanks to the TARON® non-stick coating, even burnt-on food is quickly removed.

The right roasting dish
for every purpose

Delicious oven dishes

Our aluminum-cast roasting dishes have the right qualities for every purpose, from everyday cooking to special occasions. Especially practical: The TARON® non-stick coating makes cleaning easier than ever.

Which roasting dish is right for which occasion?

The everyday heroes

Our round and square casseroles are true all-rounders, both on the cooker and in the oven. Thanks to their good heat distribution, they can be used for meat dishes, vegetable stews, soups and sauces. This makes them a favourite even in the kitchens of cooking beginners.

For perfect oven dishes

They are the stars when it comes to oven dishes: our roasting dishes. The heat is evenly distributed in the walls and thus ensures perfect conditions inside. For large families, the large capacity roasting dish is a real relief. It can also be used for particularly large roasts or whole chickens. If you are unsure about the size, it is better to opt for the larger version. This gives the heat enough room to circulate.

Fans of lasagne and co. also benefit from the good heat distribution of the material, because in our baking dishes the heat quickly reaches every part of the food. At the same time, the cheese crust is perfect. Especially practical: in a aluminum-cast baking dish, the food stays warm for a particularly long time. So even the second serve will still be steaming hot.

PFOA-free coating

The coating for healthy living: Our TARON® non-stick coating enables low-fat cooking and frying with all our products. Of course, it is also PFOA-free.

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