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Practical woks
made in Germany

Asian dishes just like
at your favourite restaurant:
with our aluminum-cast woks, you can cook in ease. Both meat and vegetables reach the ideal cooking stage and get delicious roasting flavours. And thanks to the TARON® non-stick coating, they are even extremely low-fat.

The right wok
for every purpose

Asian cuisine
on your own cooktop

Our woks combine the best features of our German aluminum-cast cookware with the tradition of Asian cuisine. The smaller frying surface compared to a pan makes a aluminum-cast wok particularly versatile.

On the frying surface, the food gets a wonderful crust and delicious roasting flavours. To cook it through, simply push it upwards along the edge. Here the heat is lower, but still high enough for cooking. This also makes our woks particularly suitable for steaming.

Two handles

Woks with two handles are particularly suitable for serving delicious Asian dishes directly in the wok. The handles lie comfortably and securely in the hand, so that the wok can be safely brought to the table even when fully filled. After cooking and cleaning, it disappears quickly and neatly back into the cupboard.

PFOA-free coating

The coating for healthy living: Our TARON® non-stick coating enables low-fat cooking and frying with all our products. Of course, it is also PFOA-free.

The Herzog Pan –
at home in the world.

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