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Indispensable pots
made in Germany

No kitchen
without pots:
in various sizes, they are suitable for cooking almost anything. It’s the quality that makes the difference. Thanks to the perfect heat conductivity of our aluminum-cast pots, every dish is cooked evenly and kept warm for a long time. That both tastes good and saves energy.

The right pot
for every use

The basic equipment
for every kitchen

From your first home to a professional kitchen: pots in at least two sizes belong in every kitchen. They can be used for almost any dish, from heating up ready-made meals to preparing a gourmet meal.

Aluminum-casting – perfect properties for good cooking

Each of our aluminum-cast pots enrich the kitchen with their outstanding properties: fast heating, excellent heat distribution and long heat retention even when the cooktop is switched off. This saves energy during daily work in the kitchen and guarantees treats that the whole family will enjoy.

The classic cooking pot

Round, two handles and, depending on the dish, a lid: that’s what makes the classic cooking pot. At Herzog, they are available in diameters from 16 cm to 28 cm.
The smaller pots with a diameter of 16 cm or 20 cm are particularly suitable for singles. Pots with a diameter of 24 cm to 28 cm are ideal for families. Here, potatoes, rice, vegetables and co. cook evenly to the desired degree. Pots in this size are also ideal for soups.

The saucepan

For all those who frequently heat milk or prepare sauces, a saucepan is worthwhile. Due to its height, the milk does not boil over. Thanks to the moulded spouts, milk and sauces can be poured without spilling. The handle makes handling easier.

PFOA-free coating

The coating for healthy living: Our TARON® non-stick coating enables low-fat cooking and frying with all our products. Of course, it is also PFOA-free.

The Herzog Pan –
at home in the world.

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